Bronchitis, tracheitis, an inflammation of the lungs vertical lines should be carried out on the midline sternum, then parallel to it on both sides through the middle of the clavicle and parallel to these lines midway between the need to spend more on one line (Figure 1).
Iodine cell. Application of iodine cell at different diseases.

On the back is coated on both sides by two vertical lines parallel to the spine through the inner edge of the blade and in the middle between these lines and the spine (Figure 2).
The horizontal lines on the back and the chest should be done along the intercostal spaces, as this is where blood vessels and nerves are rich reflex connections.
Pain syndromes caused by spinal osteochondrosis, iodine cell is applied as follows: on both sides of the spine is held in parallel vertical lines through the inner edge of the blade along the spine itself and the middle between them.
Depending on the location of the pain can be extended to the lumbar-sacral spine (Figure 3).
On these lines are the point of acting on that doctors reflexologist relieve pain in the thoracic and lumbar spine.

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